Monday, June 30, 2008



OK now I'm official, I've gotten the first comment on my blog, of course it was from my niece Claudia, who for that has won the honor of always being my niece (I'm sure if she would have known that before hand she might have kept the comment to herself).


Yep it's getting to be TDF time again, that's Tour de France for most of you out there. It hasn't even started and there's already drama (which is pretty much normal for the TDF these days). First we have Astana not being able to ride, I have mixed feelings about this, the team was dropped last year for doping allegations, this team is a completely new team, except for the name, but the TDF banned them from riding anyway. They are saying it's due to doping, but I think it's also due to the team is actually the same team from US Postal/Discovery and the TDF officials don't like that team (too American I guess).

Today we have Floyd Landis being denied his final appeal on doping for his 2006 win. Personally I like Floyd, he seems to be a good guy and a hard worker, but from my observations, I never saw him ride like he did on that day, it was remarkable, I think he rode beyond his capabilities. I'm not to say he isn't a great rider, I just don't think he's great like that, that ride was something that Indurain, Armstrong, Hinault, LeMond, Merckx could pull off on a great day, and Floyd isn't any of them.

Speaking of Armstrong I saw Bryant Gumbel give his expert opinion on Lance and the sport of cycling. All I really have to say about Bryant is that if all news was good, then he wouldn't have a job. The guy's a hack, he loves to attack and be-little people, he'd probably pull something if he managed to say something nice or defend someone. Lance has won 7 TDFs, I'm not saying he wasn't doping, I'm just saying he won 7 TDFs in a row, I think if Lance was doping then half the peleton was also doping and therefor they were all on a level playing field and even if he was doping, it takes a hell of a lot of skill, strength and luck to win 7 TDFs in a row.

What's really interesting is that after Operacion Puerto many cyclists got picked up (including Ivan Basso and Jan Ullrich, if these two could be doping then anyone could be doping). What was also mentioned was that there were both soccer and tennis players on the list, but you didn't hear the details on them, why is that, well because unlike cycling they aren't as big into anti-doping and are much more concerned about their image.

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