Friday, June 20, 2008

Tour de France

Well I'm sure I'll be landing a great new job soon, you see it's almost time for the Tour de France :). While I enjoy watching to Tour, I'd rather have a good gig. The Tour this year will be launched with yet another controversy. Last year the Tour DQ'd the Astana team for drug use, this year the Astana team is only the same in name, everything else about it has changed and is essentially the old Postal/Discovery squad, but due to the name of the team the Tour is not allowing them to race. What does this mean? Basically one of the best teams in the world won't be able to ride. This will taint this years winner, since they weren't able to race against the best (cycling's in trouble, and the TDF isn't helping out).

People ask me if people like Lance Armstrong could be doping, I'm not sure if he did or didn't, I think Lance is smart enough to do it and not get caught, I believe most people who get caught are either the dumb ones or let their guard down. Personally I think if Bjarne Riis could be doping, then anyone could be doping. I also think that even if Lance was doping, he still worked harder and longer than anyone else and most likely competed on an even playing field. Do I think doping is right? I'm not sure, being a science type I hate to make judgements without knowing the facts, what I do believe is that regardless of whether or not it's harmful to the athlete, the organizers have said that it is illegal, so therefore it should be treated as such.


The meeting at Refresh-DC was interesting last night. I tend to be shy in big groups like that, but hopefully after a couple of more meetings I'll be able to break out of my shell and be the wonderful, lively person that people know and love :). The speech was fantastic, it spoke about Flash and how to use it. The speaker made some good points, such as passing information into Flash via HTML or Javascript, he liked the idea since it makes that information viewable to search engines and such and allows you to build javascript versions of the product without having to replicate data (which is fantastic), I enjoyed it because of those reasons (which I've used before for other issues), but it also takes the developer out of the picture if there needs to be a small change to text (it's all in HTML now, the SWF doesn't need to be modified or recompiled).

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