Thursday, June 19, 2008

Slow day

looks like it's going to be a bit slow today, though later in the day I'm planning on going into DC for the Refresh-DC event. It will be a good opportunity to both network and hear how other people approach problems. I'll probably also go out and mow the lawn, just to keep busy, I'm pretty much caught up on everything else (if I wanted busy work I could shampoo carpets, but I'm not that hard up for something to do).

I'm pretty sure one of my opportunities isn't going to work out, I saw today that they were still advertising the position, it makes me think they didn't like what they saw in me or the 3-4 other people they had coming in. It's really hard to sell yourself, at least for me, I know I can do what they want. I did offer to help out a recruiter today, I am always up to helping people out :).

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