Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Another Father's Day. On this day I traditionally sent my mother flowers, she was always my father, so I wish her a happy father's day, where-ever she may be. If you want to see her website you can go to

For me, I'm watching movies about racing, about to cook a steak and installing Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft Project Server 2007.

It's interesting that Microsoft doesn't have any really obvious way to install Project Server 2007 on Windows Server 2008. I tried to install the Project Server Trial and it kept telling me that I couldn't install MOSS without SP1, they didn't tell me how to do it. So after a bit of looking around I found one article about how to streamline SP1 into the Project Server 2007 install, basically this means to get SP1 for MOSS 2007 and extract it into the updates folder for Project Server 2007 (you can run SP1 with a "/extract:[path to updates folder]" command and it will do just that, it's very simple, just unfortunate MS didn't make it more obvious.

Anyway it's all and running now, I just need to figure out how to best exploit the software. Why am I doing this? Well I've seen several people want PM's with the ability to use Microsoft Project Server, I doubt they expect a PM to install or manage it, but I should know how to use it. I also wanted to test out virutalization of Windows 2008 Server. My host machine is very slow for this purpose (I've only got 1GB RAM, I could use 4GB RAM), but given the RAM limitations, it's running very nicely.

OK, back to playing for Father's Day ;).

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