Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Design Documentation

Today should be an interesting day, I'm creating wireframes for a design document that I'm writing for my Africa project. The wireframes are meant to be a very simple explaination of what the end-user will see on the screen. As I develop these wireframes I'm realizing links I forgot to describe and such, so I need to go back to previous wireframes and update them. I'm hoping that I don't have an idea that needs to be updated on all of my wireframes (that would be tough). I'm also working on the documentation to go around the nice graphics that I am making.

Mental Time-Out

I need to take some time today for a mental time out. I'm a person who loves to be working hard and lately I haven't been doing that. I need to get out on my bike for a couple of hours and just work myself ragged. I will also be going out tonight with some friends from the subcontractor I used to work for (boy that was a mess, in a month and a half the 10 people I worked with in the shop had either resigned, been fired, or laid-off, I was laid-off. It wasn't because they weren't making money, it's that the owner was a mess and treated his employees like dirt, if I hadn't been laid-off I would have resigned).

Job Hunt

The Job Hunt is continuing, though I'm starting to loose track of it and starting to think about what's next on my plate (which isn't a lot). The Job boards aren't doing great for me, but I'm checking them often. I'm not sure what the problem is, while I have run into some excellent recruiters, I've also run into several that should be taken to task for not taking their position seriously, they are dealing with people's lives after all. I do have a couple of leads that I need to get in touch with, I am also waiting to hear back from a couple of companies in the area, but the who job hunt bit is very depressing, anyone else out there in this mess I feel bad for.

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