Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fun Day...


I took my Acura TL in for a recall, the dealer gave me a TSX to use as a loner car, man after driving the TL the TSX is really a big step down. I doesn't have the horsepower of the TL and it just doesn't seem to be built as nice. If you are deciding which way to go, I'd say get the TL.


Went to the USMC Museum in Quantico Virginia. It was interesting, they have tons of very cool aircraft in the museum and many informative exhibits. While I don't agree with some of the wars we're currently fighting, I do support the people who fight them, it's amazing that to think that people will volunteer to go and fight whatever battle their country asks, they are all heros in my book.

Job Search

Still working on the job search, I have a couple of good leads, one that I cast aside (they wanted me for 3 months in Florida, anyone who knows me knows that I'm a mountain man, not a beach boy. The average elevation of Florida is only 100 feet, with the highest point at only 345 feet (Britton Hill).


I got feedback concering the design documentation I'm working on, it was well recieved, but certain portions had to change. I've changed those, I've reviewed them, they are out for internal review right now with others. Once that's done I'll submit them for review by the customer. Then we can get on to the fun of development :).

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