Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Job Titles

Have you ever really thought about job titles and what they really mean? I'm not very interested in obtaining a specific title, rather than a position where I can work hard and get things done, the only selling point of a title for me is that it gives me leverage to get things done. In looking for work I'm seeing titles such as "Chief Architect", "Director of Development", "Systems Integrator", "Post Sales Engineer", "Sales Engineer", "Director of IT", etc... I am also seeing a few that say "Vice President" (which I think has been replaced by "Director"), the title "Director" can be anything from a job that pays under $40k a year to a job that pays over $150k a year (I like to think I'm the latter).

To be honest I can't figure out where I fit, I think I'm too practical for a "title", I just want to get a job done and done properly. I tend to be relaxed when I work (many people see that as lazy), but then they see me actually get working on the details and see how hard I work when it really counts they realize that I'm just doing my job. I don't see the reason to be hyped up all the time, all that does is make everyone nervous, I prefer people to be relaxed and working hard than be nervous and looking over their shoulder.

I really do enjoy work, not only do I enjoy work, but I enjoy working hard and building products that are elegant in their simplicity ("simplicity" is actually very complex). How do you really convince someone that you can do the job before you get it? I know I can do the jobs that I apply for and I'm sure that with a little mentoring I can do almost any other job that comes my way. I am good at pushing beyond my comfort level, especially if it's needed to get the job done! I strongly believe that the customer is King and I am lucky to be working for them.

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