Monday, June 23, 2008

Computer Troubles

I'm having some computer troubles this morning. First problem was the SMTP server I use was down. I usually log in via SSH with my Ubuntu server, but today I finally got off my rear-end and downloaded putty, now I'm able to log in to the mail server using putty/SSH, once there I need to bounce the virtual server. I'm still not able to get or send email, but I'm betting that there is a backlog in emails that need to go out (sometimes a second server bounce does the trick, but I'd prefer to wait and see if all is going to work out). I've sent an email to my cellphone, it should vibrate when all is working again (I'll give it an hour or so).


To add to this I had a problem with my sound drivers today, it seems that the WAV item didn't un-mute when I asked it to, I've seen this happen before and it's annoying.

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