Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day in the life

I had a fun day today, I got to speak with a couple old friends (which is always nice), I had lunch with a recruiter, who I think I helped more than he'll ever help me, but that's OK, when I help people that makes me feel good, and sooner or later someone will help me out :). Had a great ride home with the sun roof open, windows down and music blasting (they played Mexican Radio by Wall of Voodoo, I haven't heard one in a while). Then I mowed the lawn...


I like to mow the lawn on Thursday for some reason, when the summer started I told my daughter that she was going to have to go out and weed the garden while I was mowing, of course when I get home she gets real upset that I am going to mow the lawn (Last week I told her that she could weed any time or she could weed when I told her to, she decided that she would weed when I told her to, even though it might come at an inconvinient time for her), so she goes out to weed, when she's done I call her over and let her run the lawnmower with me at her side, she was a bit nervous at first, but she knows me well enough to know that I won't back down, she did a good job :). (Boy that was an ugly paragraph wasn't it).

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