Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Should I or Shouldn't I?

Kind of an interesting day yesterday, my dual personalities are showing :). No I'm not crazy (but don't most crazy people think they're sane?) and I'm not a super hero (though I do wear tights when I ride my bike, most people don't agree with me doing that, but I figure that's their problem), instead I'm a person who's trying to decide whether to grow their own business and "Live the Life" or get a job working for someone else. Right now my only concern is the next 6 months, I'm going to push both aspects, if I get another gig for QED, it needs to be significant enough to keep me going.

Now what did I do yesterday? Well here are the personalities:

President - Small Start up:

I met with someone about virtualizing some of their machines, they have tons of machines and most of them sit and use power. I think I also mentally decided to start pushing my own company some more and treating it as if it's a real company. I don't need a lot of work to get through the next 12 months. I don't think this issue will work, but I'm going to continue networking and sooner or later someone will see something and think "Hey Phil can do that".

Job Search Candidate:

I went out and met with a very pleasant and smart recruiter, she works for a growing company in Northern Virginia and hopefully she'll be able to destroy my business and find me a job :).

I did speak with another recruiter about a job opening they had, it looks like that position isn't going to happen. The company wants someone who is very hands on in development and managing (from what I've done I know it's almost impossible to be effective at both).

What's Next?

Well I have a call today with a recruiter, I also have another company that I interviewed with that I need to hear from. Other than that I need to continue my networking efforts and try to push both Philip the President and Philip the Job Search Candidate.

If anyone has ideas please let me know :).

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