Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weekly Wednesday

Well today is our second edition of Weekly Wednesday, this Wednesday we'll go play mini-golf :). I took my daughter last year to a site just down the street from us and it was fun.


Today after our Weekly Wednesday event I will be going to WebContentMavens, it sounds like they have a full house so I'll need to make sure to get there early (I'm one of those people who is always early, I can't help it, I could try to be late and I'd still be early). I need to challenge myself when I'm there to actually go up to people and introduce myself, I'm very bad at that in large groups, it's something I know I can overcome, I just need to do it.


I'm working to pull some of the smaller trees out of my back yard. I probably have around 20-30 trees in the back, ranging from saplings to one full grown oak that's about 3 feet in diameter and about 40-50 feet tall (it's beautiful). The smaller trees I'm pulling out because they seem to be interfering with the bigger trees. I'm also thinking about planting some grass back there (which means I might need to level the yard some and put in a french drain (oh boy the fun). I don't want to spend any money to do this, so it will mean a lot of work, I'm OK with that. Instead of filling up the holes, I'll tear down the hills (which will be a pain). When all is done I should have 1 very large tree, 3 large trees, and about 10-20 medium sized trees (and nothing under 10 feet tall). I don't want to remove most of the canopy, mainly because trees are great for us, but I want to have enough light for grass.

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