Sunday, June 29, 2008


Bird Report...

Our baby birds have flown the coup. I noticed them gone this morning, I thought they were kind of small to fly, but after some research I discovered that Robins can fly in 2-3 weeks (go figure). At first I was being pessimistic and thought a cat had gotten them (the neighborhood cat is Bebo, so I figured Bebo got them), but I couldn't find any dead baby birds or feathers (usually I do find those things), then today while sitting back and chilling with one of the neighbors I noticed a little bird fly into his window 3 or 4 times, then it landed on his grill (which was off, luckily), it was one of my baby birds, it gathered itself and the flew into the trees. The picture here was taken yesterday, there were 3 birds in the nest, I'm assuming all 3 are happy and flying.

Yard Work

I got my daughter to help me remove a tree this weekend. I didn't want to have the tree fall on my weather station (I'm such a geek, right, doesn't a personal weather station == geek?), so I tied a rope to the tree and then used a nearby tree as a pulley to redirect the pull of the rope (I didn't want the tree to fall on my daughter) and then had her pull the tree as it started to fall to redirect the fall, worked perfectly. Then I had her remove the branches and move the tree into the pile I've got in the woods. What did I do (I know you're asking)? Well I worked the root ball out of the ground, man that's tough work, but it's out. Today I went and helped my neighbor pull weeds and lay down weed fabric and then put down mulch in his kids play area (it's always more fun for me to help others than myself).


I added a family news section to my mother's memorial website, it can be reached at It seems that we now have a chef in the family, of course he lives in Brazil, so it's hard to have him come cooking for us. All of us are very proud of our Brazilian heritage, this has become tougher in a country that is starting to alienate non-European citizens. I'm told that I won't be discriminated against, but the fact that I have to show my passport to prove my citizenship is a form of discrimination. Anyway I've gone off topic, maybe I'll talk about social injustice in another blog :).


Claudie Cakes said...

haha you have a weather station? That's so rad!

by the way, this is your niece if you haven't already figured that one out! :)

Unknown said...

And the winner for the person bored enough to read my blog goes to Claudia!!!!! Awards will be handed out after the event concludes.