Monday, June 23, 2008


This weekend went to go see Get Smart with my family, it was pretty good, I'd suggest you go see it if you can. We also picked up a croquette set, something called speedminton (it's like badminton, but without the net and a bigger racket), and a baseball glove for my daughter. All of this is to get her outside more. We've played all three, my daughter complains when I tell her it's time to go out and play, and then she has a great time playing, go figure.

Croquette was fun because our lawn isn't level and the grass was too tall, so you were either shotting uphill or trying to dig your ball out of the grass. Speedminton was fun, but it takes some time to figure out how to do it and keep a good volley going. I think the longest volley I had was with the neighbor, we had it going for about 30 hits, but she plays some tennis so I'm sure that helped. Catch was OK, but I had to teach my daughter to relax, once she relaxed she was catching the ball, before she relaxed she couldn't catch it.

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