Thursday, July 3, 2008

Work Done...


Well today I had a physical and it was the first time the Doctor ever told me to bend over, let's just say, it wasn't fun (I told the Doctor that he owed me a drink). Other than that I seem to be in good health, he even ran an EKG and it came up clear. Still waiting on cholesterol and such, but it's good to have someone say you're fit, overweight, but fit.


Well after another leak in the dishwasher I had Sears send me a tech. After a couple of weeks of no dishwasher, it seems that the leak stopped, best guess is that when I put the dishwasher back, I was pushing the motor up with the drain tube and kept the motor from seating properly. That mistake only cost me $125 :(, but I did make it a point to watch and speak with the tech so I could learn. In the lawsuit department, it seems that my heating coil (which started this issue) had a service alert issued by the manufacturer, they knew that they had bad coils out there, but didn't want to issue a recall, they fixed the coils for anyone who had the dishwasher under warranty, which they would have done anyway. Well my warranty expired and Sears wouldn't fix the issue (sounds like Sears should have everyone who bought the dishwasher sue them, I tend not to like class action suits, so it'll have to be up to someone else).


I took this picture the other day of a bush we planted for my daughter, the flower is about 10-12 inches in diameter, about the size of a dinner plate.

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