Thursday, July 3, 2008

Weekly Wednesday

Spy Museum

Yesterday we went to the Spy Museum, they have many great toys and gadgets in there, most were not a surprise to me, what was cool was to see the James Bond Aston Martin from the movie Goldfinger that I saw when I was a kid in Provo. Some how a local jeweler in Provo had purchased both that car and the one that Goldfinger drove. What was a bit upsetting was to see one of the most important devices in modern history getting more of the spot light, what I'm talking about is the Enigma. The Enigma was crucial to the Allies winning WWII, without it and without the spectacular game played by the Allies I would doubt WWII would have ended as soon. Only big downside for this museum is that it was a bit crowded. They try to have you play a game by gaining an identity, but let's get real, it's too crowded to play the game.

Native American Museum

We went to the Native American Museum after the Spy Museum, this is a beautiful place to visit. When we visited they had beaded clothing displayed from many different tribes, it was spectacular, outside of the Air and Space Museum (and that's only because I'm a geek), I can't think of another museum you should visit before the Native American Museum.

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