Saturday, July 5, 2008

Political Rant

Wow I just read that there are Clinton supporters who will not be voting or will be voting for McCain solely because Clinton didn't get the nomination nod from the DNC. What a bunch of babies, this is exactly the problem with this country, people are much more into the person running than the country itself. People should be voting for their ideals and for where they think the country should be going, instead both Republicans and Democrats are voting for individual people or their party.

Let's set things straight, so you understand where I am coming from. I am fairly liberal, but I refuse to take the banner of Democrat, I don't believe in parties, I believe in voting for the people I think will make a change. If I thought a Republican could do a better job at leading the country or moving the country into a position that I believed was correct, you better believe I would be voting Republican.

I think setting ideologies based on people or a group is counter-productive to the whole. These people should not believe in Clinton, but her goals, Clinton's goals are very much like those of Obama. Personally if Clinton had won the nomination, I would have though about voting for McCain, not because I don't like Clinton, but because I think we need someone other than a Bush or a Clinton in the White House, these two families have dominated American politics since 1981 and it's past time for a change.

The other issue that bothers me is when a politician changes their mind, all of a sudden they are considered waffleres, I'd rather have someone change their minds about a decision, than to stick to their guns and illegally invade a country, killing tens of thousands of that countries innocent citizens in the process. I expect my politicians to change their minds, to review information and readjust their thinking based on that information. I expect them to work towards the good of the country and not the good of their investors. Only an idiot would find a single path and stick to it and I expect my politicians to be brilliant. Of course there's the problem in my logic, I expect my politicians to be brilliant, to review and accept opinions counter to their own, and to act in regards to our country instead of their investors (note I'm using the word "investor" on purpose).

I have a unique perspective in that I have dual citizenship. I love the USA, but I also have strong feelings for Brazil. If I had to make a serious choice, it would be the USA hands down. Without having to make a serious choice, I choose the USA when it comes to Brazil vs USA soccer and Brazil when it comes to all forms of auto racing. I also have a degree in theoretical mathematics which allows me to think way outside of the box, actually I'm usually told that when I think the box doesn't exist, I like this way of thought, it allows me to be very abstract and objective in my approach to life and problems.

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