Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Well today's trip out was supposed to be to Great Falls, but since it was raining, we went to Fredricksburg instead. We were supposed to go to see the Kenmore house in Fredricksburg, but I think the real reason we went was to visit Sonic Burger. They have good burgers and OK shakes, but I still think Burger Supreme and Stans in Provo Utah both rock on anything else. The Kenmore house was nice, it was recently redone. The work on the ceiling was remarkable, it must have taken someone a long time to do this work. Here are a couple of pictures for enjoyment purposes. They also had a couple of gorgeous magnolia trees, I love this tree, but I'm told it's a lot of work to keep them nice (so I haven't bother with them). I'll include a flower picture I took (almost lost my sunglasses while taking the picture, I got to the car and couldn't find them, then while backtracking I found my sunglasses pretty much where I thought they would be on the grass, they are expensive glasses, so I'm happy I didn't loose them).

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