Sunday, October 19, 2008

Back home!

It's good to be back home from Zambia, it's unfortunate though that since I was there for business I never got the chance to go see anything outside the city of Lusaka. The trip home was brutal, 2 hour flight from Lusaka to Jo'burg, 2 hour delay due to weather in Jo'burg, then 8 hours from Jo'burg to Dakar Senegal, where they tear apart the plane, look under seats, confirm baggage belongs to you and that you belong on the plane, then 8 hours from Dakar to Atlanta (where I missed my flight and had to catch a plane a little later).

All was good though, on the big flight from Jo'burg to Dakar to Atlanta I made friends with the two guys next to me, who were traveling from South Africa to the USA for business, the two girls in front of him (they were from Kansas and said that South Africa was like Kansas with Elephants), and the girl in front of them (who lucked out with a row to herself, got to lie down and sleep), she was in Africa to work with Aids Patients with the Peace Corps (I was very impressed with her, it's good to see people get out and give of themselves like that). My favorite though was a couple, probably in their late 60's who were in Africa celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, they were very lucky to have each other, I pulled the husband aside and told him so.

If you ever have to make a trip like this, try to be under 6'1" and if you're taller than that be sure to get up and walk some :).


Amanda said...

I still don't know how I managed to survive my nine hour flight from Munich to Chicago, so I commend you for surviving two 8-hour flights.

Unknown said...

@leopard, the flight was brutal, in Dakar you don't get to leave the plane and you're encouraged to stay seated (no chance in that happening though), so you're really on the plane for over 18hrs. Ambien helped, inflight entertainment helped, getting up to talk with the flight attendents in the rear galley helped a lot though.

Carrot said...

Haha. I could totally see that. But we have do elephants in Kansas. They're at the zoo.

Dude, you're missing a badass debate over at my blog. I can't believe you haven't left your two cents on the issues at hand yet.

Carrot said...

YAY! Glad to see you back! I responded.

Basically, I think you should do what the founding fathers would want you to do.