Monday, October 13, 2008

Zambia - Getting there!

The trip into Zambia wasn't too bad. It was about 8 hours from Atlanta to Dakar, where we had a crew change, got some fuel and then got back into the air. Then another 8-9 hours until we got to Johannesburg (Joberg to the in crowd). I sat with a nice fellow from South Africa who had been to Kansas for training, he was wearing a Kansas City Chiefs jersey, seems that he had wanted to see the NBA, but had to settle for the NFL ;) (he's also a budding NASCAR fan and was upset that he missed the Kansas City race by a week).

When I take trips like this, I start to think about how hard it must have been for the initial pioneers, the people who sailed the oceans or went through the brush by foot. It keeps me from complaining too much that my sandwich is cold or that my legs are cramped ;).

We were met in Zambia by our driver (I'm here with my brother on Business), our driver works with COMESA (which is a big group of multiple states in the area), so we got the diplomatic treatment. Strait to the front of the line and straight through Customs, it was great. The driver was very nice and explained some of the history to us on our way to the hotel (I wish I was actually awake and could have paid better attention to him). The Hotel is nice, it had a place to ut my head, which was great. I didn't get to sleep until after midnight (I'm a geek, had to futz with the internet first, it was flaky last night, but seems to be stable right now, who knows what tomorrow will bring). I'm learning the phrase TIA (this means, This is Africa), seems to be a solution to a lot of questions ;).

I have been able to use Skype this morning, I tested it last night and got horrible results. Hopefully with a more stable internet connection, I'll have better results with Skype :).

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