Thursday, September 4, 2008


OK, it's been a few weeks since I've posted anything here. I'm not sure why I've been so hesitant, well I do, it's because my thoughts are a bit, radical sometimes. I don't try to be radical, it's just that I tend to think without concept of boundaries, I've been told that while some people think outside or inside the box, I don't feel the box really exists, the belief in this "box" provides an instant limiting factor.

It's been interesting to watch the flow of the political season. While I don't like being called a Democrat, for lack of a better term I am one of those. I don't like associating with parties because they instantly want to build a box around you. It's like what my mother told her students at BYU "When I became Mormon, the Elders told me I had to be open minded", one of the students commented back "They forgot to tell you that once you've joined, you need to close your mind again". Mom was fairly radical also, which is why her students liked her, I'm sure she was a breath of fresh air at that very religious institution. Mom also preached to me that I most likely looked as different to the person I was looking at as they looked to me, this is an important concept that many people aren't taught.

That's what I feel is the issue with these political parties, they expect you to embrace their philosophy, but don't want to listen to other's ideas and concepts. I look at the two parties in power right now and I see two groups of people who've lost sight of what's important for the people. They just want to win and gain power. Right now the Republicans are coming out of their power curve, they've gone in, exploited their power, and are now being voted out. I'm sure given 4-8 years of Democratic leadership the same thing will happen to the Democrats, they will have exploited their power, and will be voted out. This pendulum is swinging in very wide arcs right now, leaving the majority of the American population to fend for themselves. What are being looked after are the special interest groups who pay for the elections, the majority of the American people are left to try to pick between two groups who don't care that much about them.

I am very careful about what I tell people, again many of the thoughts are "different" and I prefer to sit and debate topics than write about them from a blog pulpit. I've had people who think my thoughts are not within the teachings of their religion, and try to force their faith on me, disowning me as a bad person if I don't change my thoughts. Personally I believe in being Christ-Like and I try not to judge a person by their opinions, but rather there actions. I try to be people's friends and I have many of them. Many people define me as being "cool", not sure what that means, but I guess it's OK. I think they like me because they know I'm there to help and listen, I'll go out of my way to help someone, even though it's not my job or I'm not getting paid to do it, I do these things because I feel they are right.

OK, I must be in a philosophical mood today ;). Maybe we should instead discuss what is the color red?

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