Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mortgage Mess

Wow can you believe that Bush wants to give Wall Street $700 Billion to bailout the mortgage mess? I'd be OK with this if it weren't for the fact that the people involved with this made millions or more themselves, and this bailout will just put more money in their pockets, my money, money that I can't afford to give them. What we need to be doing is assigning personal responsibility to issues like this. If people get rewarded for good work, then they should get punished for bad work. What's happening at the top echelons of corporate America is that the leaders get rewarded for driving their companies into the ground. This bailout will do nothing but reward these companies and show others that they can get away with murder while lining their pockets.

This financial mess was caused by people who aren't concerned about the country, they aren't concerned about their companies or people, they are only concerned with making as much money for themselves as possible before things go bust. We've seen this in .com, energy and now mortgages, what's next? Why not reward people for a job well done? I'm also not happy that I did everything right, I didn't get tons of money out of my house to buy big TVs or fancy cars, I didn't buy a house that I couldn't possibly afford, but I'm now stuck with part of the bill to pay this off. This payoff will pay for my mortgage over 43,000 times, think about that. If we would have put this to solving Aids or Cancer, would we have done so by now?

Does something need to be done about this? I don't really know. One of my very good friends thinks that we should be hands off. The President obviously believes we should just write this off (he's done that a lot with the cost of money and lives in Iraq). I'm thinking it should probably be somewhere in between. If I was McCain I'd be quaking in my shoes, because I think most Americans will be repulsed by this bailout, and I'm sure the Democrats will pounce on this for political purposes (I also don't like this, the country is suffering, we need people doing the right things for the country, not their party).

OK I said my piece, I think I'll go figure out how I'm going to pay for my mortgage, since the government isn't bailing me out of my responsibilities.

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